This section the development of online collections of pre-modern medical texts, and tools to analyse them.  This work began with the Drugs Across Asia project, which investigated ways to better situate drug medical terminology in the Daoist and Buddhist canons. The tools are thus also applicable to the study of Chinese religions. This project is the foundation for a transregional collaboration to study the migration of drugs across language corpuses.

Looking Beyond East Asian Sources

Having developed the platform for Chinese/Japanese/Korean sources, the project is looking towards development for other classical and medieval languages. Here are the details of our first workshop in this vein: Medicines across Eurasia

Online Tools

DOCUSKY: Toolsets for hosting and analysing textual corpora.
MARKUS: Platform for marking up the texts.
PALLADIO:  Simple network analysis tool to visualise your Docusky search results.
KANRIPO: A repository for Buddhist, Daoist and other historical and literary texts (check out their Github here for downloading en bloc).

Tips and Tricks

Editing MARKUS Tags
Using DocuSky’s Tagstats tool and attaching adding metadata for using with Palladio/Tableau


本草經集注 Mapping Visualisation for Palladio .json file
Culpeper Dataset Download
MSB’s Chinese Drug Term List, 2grams and higher 草藥名單 doi:10.21979/N9/GCVUUO
Comprehensive Index to the Daoist Canon doi:10.21979/N9/BWLRQJ
Clarke Hudson’s Complete Index of Daoist Texts doi:10.21979/N9/UV710D
Buddhist and Daoist Canon Full Metadata 道藏、大藏經原數據: Download
Buddhist and Daoist Full Canon Datasets: (Watch this space)

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