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Edited Volumes and Journal Special Editions

2019           Science and Religion in China. Special Edition of East Asian Science Technology and Medicine (EASTM). 50. Guest Editor.

2019            Proceedings of the 2019 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Annual Conference and Joint Meetings (PNC) Regionality and Digital Humanities: South-South Connections. Joint editor with Jieh Hsiang. IEEE Catalogue Number CFP19M10-ART.

Forthcoming   Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine, co-edited with Dr. Vivienne Lo, Routledge Asian Studies series.

In Progress Religion and Medicine In Asia:Methodological Insights and Innovations , co-edited with Dr. Pierce Salguero.

Refereed Journal Articles

2020          “Daoism and Disease in China and Diaspora,” Cultural Anthropology.

2019           “Religion and Science in China: Moving Beyond the “Two Cultures” problem” in EASTM. 50.9-19.

2019           “Daoing Medicine: Practice Theory for Considering Religion and Medicine in Early Imperial China,” in EASTM. 50.21-66.

2014         “Drugs, Destiny and Disease in Medieval China: Situating Knowledge in Context” in Daoism: Religion, History, and Society, Vol. 6, 113–156.

2012          “Palpable Access to the Divine: Therapeutic Massage, Visualisation and Internal SensationAsian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, Vol. 7.1 (2012), 101-27. Winner of Zhu Kezhen award.

Refereed Chapters

2020 (in press)         Stanley-Baker, Michael, and William Eng Keat Chong. “Zhongguo zongjiao ziliao zhong de bencao: liyong shuzi wenxianxue jianli zaoqi zhishi fenbu moxing 中国宗教资料中的本草:利用数字文献学建立早期汉语文本的知识分布模型 [Materia Medica in Chinese Religious Sources: Using Digital Philology to Model Knowledge Distribution in Early Chinese Texts]” In  Haiyao lanshang—16 shiji yilai de quanqiu maoyi yu yixue  海药滥觞——16世纪以来的全球贸易与医药 [The Wellspring of Foreign Medicine – Early modern global trade and medicine] Gerritsen Anne et al eds., Shanghai: Fudan University Press.

In Press         “Ge xianweng zhouhou beiji fang 葛仙翁肘後備急方” in Daozang jiyao Catalogue, 7,000 words, Elena Valussi, Lai Chitim eds. In Chinese

2020 (In press)         “Qi” in The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine.

2020 (In press)         “Daoism and Medicine” in The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine.

2020 (In press)         “Introduction” in The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Medicine.

2019           “Digital Humanities in Singapore” in Digital Humanities and Scholarly Research Trends in the Asia-Pacific, Li Haipeng ed., Hershey, PA: IGI Global. Lead author, co-authored with Miguel Escobar Varela, Andrea Nanetti. 91-117. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7195-7.ch005

2019           “Health and Philosophy in Pre- and Early Imperial Chinain Health and Philosophy, Peter Adamson ed. Oxford Philosophical Concepts Series, Oxford University Press. 7-42. DOI:10.1093/oso/9780199916429.003.0002

2018          “Chinese Medicine” in Mark Jackson ed., A Global History of Medicine, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 18 pages. Co-authoured with Vivienne Lo.

2018          “The Earliest Stone Medical Inscription” in Vivienne Lo ed., Imaging Chinese Medicine. Co-authored with Zhang Ruixian 張瑞賢, Wang Jiacai 王家蔡. Leiden: Brill. 12,500 words.

2017          “Dung, Hair and Mungbeans: Household remedies in the Longmen Recipies” co-authored with Dolly Yang. In Pierce Salguero ed., Buddhism & Healing in East Asia. Columbia University Press. 454-77.

2017          “Brahmanic Massage Techniques: From Sun Simiao’s Essential Recipes worth a Thousand Gold” in Pierce Salguero ed., Buddhism & Healing in East Asia. New York: Columbia University Press. 533-537.

2011          “Chinese Medicine” in Mark Jackson ed., The Oxford Handbook of the History of Medicine, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 150-168. Co-authoured with Vivienne Lo.

Other Publications

2016          “Vision Statement. International Conference on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM IX)” co-authoured with Angelika Messner, Geoffrey Samuel.  IASTAM Newsletter, Spring/Summer, 1-7.

2015          “Cultures and Health: Joint cooperation between the World Health Summit and the Humboldt Forum” World Health Symposium Statement. Tano, Jean-Yves; Stanley-Baker, Michael; Heinz, Andreas; Missmahl, Inge.

2015          “Mapping Drugs across Epistemic and Geographic Domains: A case study for Early Medieval China” in Conference Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities, Taipei, Taiwan, 117 -127. Co-authored with Brent Ho Leung Ho.

2014          “Sensory Spectra of Inner Bodily Awareness: A selection of pre- and early Imperial textual passages on meditation and healing” in Meditation and Healing in Asian Traditions, International Conference Proceedings, Institute of Mind Humanities, Wonkwang University, Iksan, Korea. 81-108.

Translations (from Chinese)

2020          Li Jianmin, “Anatomy and Surgery,” in The Handbook of Chinese Medicine, Stanley-Baker and Lo eds., Routledge Asian Studies series. 2018. 5,200 words.

2020          Chen Ming, “Ancient Persian Medicine in China,” in The Handbook of Chinese Medicine, Stanley-Baker and Lo eds., Routledge Asian Studies series. 2018. 8,000 words.

2011          Hsieh Shu-wei, “Exorcism in Buddho-Daoist Context: A Study of Exorcism in the Method of Ucchuśma and Luminous Agent Marshal Ma,” Michael Stanley-Baker trans., Exorcism in Daoism : A Berlin Symposium. Florian Reiter ed., Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011, 257-275.

Book Reviews

2016          “Early Daoist Dietary Practices” by Shawn Arthur, Journal of Asian Studies 75.3, 802-03.

2015          “The Huangdi neijing suwen Project” by Paul Unschuld et. al, 3-book review essay, East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine, no. 39.

2014          The Evolution of Chinese Medicine : Song dynasty, 960-1200, by Asaf Goldschmidt. Asian Medicine Vol. 8.2.

2014          Declarations of the Perfected by Thomas Smith. Daoism: Religion, History, and Society, Vol. 6.

2014          Empowered Writing: Exorcistic and Apotropaic Rituals in Medieval China, by Stephen P. Bumbacher. Journal of Chinese Religions, 42.1.

2013          Embodying the Way: Bio-Spiritual Practices and Ritual Theories in Early and Medieval China, by Ori Tavor. Dissertation Reviews.

2013          Buddhist Medicine In Medieval China: Disease, Healing, And The Body In Crosscultural Translation (2nd To 8th Centuries C.E.), by Pierce Salguero. PhD Thesis. Dissertation Reviews.

2013          Chinese Traditional Healing: The Berlin Collections, by Paul Unschuld and Jingsheng Zheng, Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity: Vol. 7.1.

2012          Zhongguo zhonggu shiqi de zongjiao yu yiliao 中國中古時期的宗教與醫療 by Lin Fushi 林富士. East Asian Science and Technology Studies. 6.1, 137-141.

2011          Worlding Chinese Medicine by Zhan Mei. Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, Vol. 6.1, 164-170.

2009          “Hazy Days” A Dictionary of the Huangdi neijing suwen by Hermann Tessenow and Paul Unschuld. Times Literary Supplement, London. 06/02/2009, p. 25.

2008          Daojiao yixue 道教醫學 by Gai Jianmin 蓋建民. Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity 4.1 (2009), 249-255.